Campaign against antacids in the Netherlands: ‘Medication not without risk’

11-1-2023 – A Dutch nationwide campaign is starting that aims to help customers with stomach issues stop taking unnecessary antacid medication. 2.8 million prescriptions for antacid medication are prescribed annually by doctors and 50 million euros are spent on over the counter digestive aid medications that are not harmless, according to researchers Tijn Kool and Simone van Dulmen from Radboudumc.

They have previously concluded that 88 percent of patients who were prescribed long-term antacid medication by their GP do not actually need it. The campaign is aimed at reducing unnecessary prescription and informing patients about alternative ways to manage their stomach issues without medication.

Drogist shops such as Kruidvat, DA, and Etos will be using posters and flyers to inform customers about the choice aid available on which will give information about the risks of prolonged use of antacids and ways to manage symptoms without medication.